I’m aiming for a healthy life with a side of epic.

Phew. You made it. Great! You’re in the right place for sure!  This is a journey of  ‘going good’  by making healthy positive changes…and of course the quirky mishaps along the way!

Looking for healthy recipes? Got those here and always working on new ones! Curious about fitness? You’ll have fun here and get a good laugh here. Working on weight loss? Oh sistah, meeeeee too! Check out the trials and my journeys here.  Ready to feed that adventurous spirit? Travel with me or check out an ambitious life list for inspiration!

Girl Gone Good: The Foodie

The Foodie


One day I quit my secure federal job, sold everything I owned, and bought a plane ticket to Asia in search of ‘self’.  Crazy eh?  After climbing mountains, babysitting monkeys, visiting healers, and waking in a bed full of fire ants…I came home in pursuit health, happiness, and adventure.

Before I put on a cape and tiara, you should know that some nights I skip the workout, eat cookies, and the watch girly shows on tv.  *gasp!* Love. Those. Nights.

Girl Gone Good: The Fitness Wannabe

The Fitness Wannabe


Who’s the girl behind Girl Gone Good ™? Well that’s me, Victoria Walsh.  I used to cry at the thought of public speaking, truly hated my body, and pursued the dreams of others instead of my own.   Now it seems you just can’t get me to shut up, I proudly shake my booty, and those dreams are coming true with a little grit and passion.  Woohoo!

I’m not a professional anything.  Well, except being an expert chocolate thief – I’m a stealth ninja when it comes to the acquisition of chocolate!  **POOF** I am also someone that loves experiences and living a happy/healthy life.  Freespirit. Jetsetter. Foodie. Fitness Junkie Wannabe.  That’s it. I go through a lot of trial and error.  So, that being said, if you’re going to embark on an adventure, try a new fitness regime, or change your diet after reading any of my posts – please seek out advice from your health care professional first.

Girl Gone Good: The Jetsetter

The Jetsetter


Sooooo….truth be known, I may or may not be addicted to social media.  Ok, ok, I am. I’m the girl that gets the shakes if my smart phone dies and there’s no where to plug in! Ha ha.  Flip side is that I love staying connected.  Building a positive, healthy, and supportive online community is incredibly rewarding!

It’s a bit like the comfort my grandmother gives.  She will love and encourage every step of the way but if you’re being foolish – BAM – she’ll verbally knock that foolishness right out of you.

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