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My Favourite Clean Eating Grains

Since clearing out my cupboards in January, and moving towards a clean eating lifestyle...what I have stocked has drastically changed.  No more flavoured oatmeal, sugar laden cereals, chocolate dipped granola bars or 100 calorie snack packs.  It was time to learn how to enjoy real foods.  Skipping the processed stuff has been a life savior, I'm no ... Continue Reading

Lundi Gras in New Orleans

Lundis Gras is still a big day for Carnival. My hotel is a little outside of where I want to be (a good 12 blocks away from Canal St), and if it weren’t festival season then it would be a dangerous area to walk through to get to the French Quarter. Thankfully the streets are lined with tourists and locals alike and there are cops on every ... Continue Reading

The BEST Way To Attract A Guy

A girlfriend once asked if I could post some relationship advice. I’m not married, so what advice could I offer? I can offer what I think is the best advice, and something that I wish I understood earlier in life. The best things you can do for yourself and relationships are: to understand and love yourself. Now, don't roll your ... Continue Reading

Pictures & Videos From Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

It was never the plan to go, but of course I wasn't exactly a stickler for the plan on this trip.  Backpacking Southeast Asia was a dream!  The whole point was to embrace my inner wanderlust and do a little soul searching...or a lot.  So when I was sitting in the hostel in Singapore, surfing the internet and saw that I could get a return flight to ... Continue Reading

Super Easy Clean Eating Taco Soup

It’s quick and easy, and if you’re stuck on all things organic and fresh (or if you're a clean eater!) you can easily adapt the recipe (The clean eating substitutes are in brackets). Ingredients: I box of low-sodium chicken broth (organic or homemade) 1 can of black beans rinsed (dry organic beans, soaked overnight) 1 sm can of corn ... Continue Reading